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Siamese boys looking for a home

I have two Siamese boys looking for a forever home. DOB 14.10.2022

One is a cream point, the other is a bi-colour cream point - which just means the points are interlaced with white.

I have been showing these boys and they have won rosettes as you can see in the photo

MC 956000014896294 and 956000014948929

Ell from took these lovely photos

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1 Comment

Allan Lowe
Allan Lowe
Oct 07, 2023

Thank you for these beautiful pictures of our favourite and much missed Siamese cats. As breeders of Siamese specialising in Blue and Lilac Tabby Points many years ago under the Budaya prefix, We miss the companionship and sheer pleasure of being owned by the wonderful furpeople, Cheers Allan and Judy Lowe

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